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Things to do in Riga

  • The pearl of Riga – Riga’s old Town

    It is the part of the city that is most cherished and protected by the inhabitants of Riga. The city, growing through centuries, has become architecturally rich and diverse. Riga is characterised by one of the largest complexes of Art Nouveau buildings concentrated in one location in the world, as well as testimonies to the architectural development of Riga from its origins in 1201 to the present. Because of this Riga has been included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. While wandering in the Old Town or in the blocks of Art Nouveau architecture, you will find numerous restaurants and cafés. Riga is a stronghold of a mix of regional cultures, so, naturally, restaurants of various nationalities and styles are found here which will bring pleasure to the most sophisticated gourmets. Museums, exhibition halls, souvenir and art shops, and cafés with the delicious smell of freshly baked pastries are abundant. And, one must say, they offer an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • Culturtal life

    Riga, being a European metropolis, offers a rich cultural life. Almost every weekend various festivities, concerts and festivals are held in Riga or in the nearby resort town Jūrmala (the most popular: light festival “Light up Rīga“, “Museum Night”, The Opera and Ballet Festival, decorating of the 500 year old Christmas Tree, Riga City Festival, “Go Blonde”, Līgo Festivities, “The New Wave” etc.). Music connoisseurs will be enraptured by the Latvian National Opera which organises an opera music festival in summer. One can listen to sacral music in churches. The concerts of organ music at the Riga Dome Cathedral deserve special mentioning – one of the largest and oldest organs of the world is found in the cathedral, capable of stirring very poignant emotions. You will also find night clubs in the Old Town of Riga , offering the possibility to spend time in the company of various styles of music and entertainment.

Things to do in Riga

  • Visit Riga Old Town
  • Visit museums and see Art Nouveau buildings
  • Visit Art Galleries
  • Visit Spa & Wellness centres
  • Enjoy delicious food in local restaurants
  • Visit Latvia beaches
  • Enjoy outdoor activities

Riga Old Town picture gallery

  • Sites to visit

    The magnificent churches of various denominations in Riga, the unique hangars of the Riga Central market and the cultural centre Spīķeri are worth visiting. Pārdaugava is an interesting site for walks; its wooden architecture  will lead you into hundred year old history and a small town atmosphere. A defence fort, seldom found today, is found in Bolderāja, it used to protect Riga against attacks coming from the sea. Riga also has splendid and unique water towers. There are plenty of things to do in Riga, after walking, you will feel refreshed resting in the parks located in the centre of Riga, however, if you wish, a 20 minute tram ride will take you to Mežaparks which is not only a popular site of recreation for the inhabitants of Riga, but also the home of the Riga Zoo, with an outstanding collection of animals. Also, at the Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum a nice walk on the shores of the Jugla Lake can be combined with a visit to old Latvian farms and learning ancient crafts.

  • The beach

    Don’t forget that Riga is a city on the water – the sea is on one side (the sandy beaches of Jūrmala are quite close to Riga), several lakes on the other side, and the Daugava River flows through the middle of it. And it is worth taking advantage of the water – taking a cruise on a wooden ship along the Daugava and the Riga Canal!

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