"An empty stomach is not a good political adviser"

(A. Einstein)

Albert Hotel Legend


Albert Einstein was and still is a legend, which will stay in our memories for many centuries.

Probably some of us have a question – who was Albert Einstein, what he did and what is his connection with Riga.

But there is just one truth about it…

Albert Einstein was clever, creative and very interesting personality. He created unique things and theories about which we still learn in school. But as every human being he also needed someone with whom to share experiences, create new plans and ask for suggestions – a good friend and at the same time good adviser.

And this person was here – living in Riga, walking the same streets as we do now and often visiting post office for changing letters with Albert Einstein. His name was Mr. Rudolf Karklins. They wrote about different things – starting from simple household details through love stories till the uniqueness of relativity theory.

Therefore, one of the Albert Einstein’s biggest dreams was to visit Riga and see its beauty by himself. He had an imagination about our city – once you visit Riga you won’t forget it.

As a memory of this great friendship with Latvian scientist we can read letters, which in accordance with Albert Einstein’s last will have been kept in Jewish University of Israel

You can visit and stay at Albert Hotel – a place in Riga where you can be inspired by dreams and inventions come true.