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(A. Einstein)


  • Riga, capital of Latvia is located on the shore of Baltic sea, on the creek of Daugava river and is the biggest city in the Baltics. Riga Old Town belongs to UNESCO world Heritage. Riga has given many pearls to the culture of Europe and the world – the most important include the Old Riga, Art Nouveau and wooden architecture.
  • If you are planning a trip to Riga, have a look the LIST of things what to do and see in Riga and in Riga old town.
  • In year 2017, the Riga- Gauja region will be a gourmets’ paradise of pleasure  as it becomes European Region of Gastronomy 2017. A special concept, called “Wild at Palate” will be the guide to  gastronomic traditions and diverse ethnic foods.
  • Riga National Opera is the most famous opera in Baltics and gathers world-level artists. Riga Opera is located within walking distance from Albert Hotel.
  • Arena Riga is a multifunctional hall in the city of Riga. Arena was primarily constructed to facilitate ice hockey world championship in 2006, however, it is also used as a venue for various sports, music, culture and entertainment events. Albert Hotel is located only 2 km walking distance from Arena Riga.
  • Riga has plenty of nice concerts throughout the year. Have a look the list of events and buy tickets online at Ticket Service.
  • Riga Marathon, orienteering, and adventure competitions – these are only some of activities, which one may enjoy in Riga. Riga parks are perfect for jogging in summers and skiing in winters. Water resources, golf fields, motor sport racetrack – there is something for all sport enthusiasts.
  • Riga is also one of the most famous Art Nouveau Arhitecture cities among Paris, Barcelona and Berlin; there are over 800 Art Nouveau style houses in Riga and in Riga old town. To get better overview of Riga‘s heritage you need to visit Riga Art Nouveau museum.

Reasons to visit Riga

  • City for shopping
  • Riga Old Town
  • Culture capital of the Baltics
  • More than 800 years history
  • Capital of gastronomy
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Perfect place for meetings & conferences
  • Place for active holidays

Riga Old Town picture gallery