Business Lunch in restaurant Bestsellers

Starter + Main course + Dessert 8.90 €

Enjoy a delicious three course lunch with us weekdays, Monday till Friday from 12:00 – 15:00! Business lunch in restaurant Bestsellers is a good value for money.

  • Starter + Main Course + Dessert 8.90 Eur
  • Starter+ Main Course – 7.50 Eur
  • Still/sparkling water “Mangaļi” or glass of juice is included in the price

Price of one course:

    • Starter – 3.75 Eur
    • Main course – 5.00 Eur
    • Dessert –  3.25 Eur


Business Lunch Menu 18.09.2017 – 22.09.2017


Soup of the day (ask your waiter)


Vegetarian brochette with oven roasted vegetables, mozzarella cheese and balsamic glaze


Smoked chicken salad with pickled mushrooms, cucumbers and horseradish muse

Main course

Oven roasted flounder filet served with pearl barley, root vegetables and bisque sauce


Slowly cooked pork medallions with roasted pumpkin muse, endives and cranberry red wine sauce


Vegetarian bulgur with sweet potato, coconut cream and vegetables  


Homemade dessert of the day