Business Lunch in restaurant Bestsellers

Starter + Main course + Dessert 8.90 €

Enjoy a delicious three course lunch with us weekdays, Monday till Friday from 12:00 – 15:00! Business lunch in restaurant Bestsellers is a good value for money.

  • Starter + Main Course + Dessert 8.90 Eur
  • Starter+ Main Course – 7.50 Eur
  • Still/sparkling water “Mangaļi” or glass of juice is included in the price

Price of one course:

    • Starter – 3.75 Eur
    • Main course – 5.00 Eur
    • Dessert –  3.25 Eur


Business Lunch Menu 13.11.2017 – 17.11.2017


Soup of the day (ask your waiter)


Herring and sprats fillets served with rye bread crumbs, potatoes chips, marinated onion and dill – cottage cheese muse


Salad leaves with marinated beetroots, swede, goat cheese and horseradish foam

Main Course

 Slowly cooked pork brisket with marinated pumpkin, barley, root vegetables and beer sauce


Roasted pikeperch in garlic and herbs, served with parsnip pure, baby carrots, cauliflower and Riga champagne sauce


Quiche with roasted pumpkin, broccoli and Dor blue cheese


Homemade dessert of the day